Roller Shutter Automation System



JS-30 is a standard electro-mechanical shutter operator, meant for control of roller shutter operations. It is the most rapid and efficient method of managing access in residential, commercial and industrial entrances. All components made to specific specifications; the transmission system incorporates deluxe alloys in durable designs, manufactured to strict quality standards for durability and high efficiency. Many features have been incorporated to provide a safe, reliable and easily operated system for outdoor as well as indoor use.


  • Heavy-duty design for 24 hours continuous application.
  • Operation through chain operated notched plate.
  • Fully – concealed unit prevents dust damages and noise factor.
  • Anti – Recoil protective device minimize manual operating error.
  • Built in precision heat detector prevents motor from over heating during operation.
  • Selectable Auto close function with instant or delay closing.
  • Adjustable Low speed for Cushioning effect.
  • Open, Close and Open/Stop/Close functions.
  • Interface able with Proximity card and Loop detector application.
  • Manually operation through up chain pulling.
  • Safe and efficient operation through current sensing technology.
  • Weather resistant coating against hostile environments.
  • Easy availability of spare parts and accessories.

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply 220V ~ 60 Hz
Power Absorbed 150 Watts
Absorption 1.2 – 2 Amp
S.S Pipe 4“
Approx wt capacity 300 kg
Thermo Protection 100ºC
Working Temperature -35ºC to + 80ºC
Rotational Speed 1720
Chain # 530
Anchor Exclusive notched plate pitched gear.
Weight 11.5 Kg