The BFT ARES 1000 is an automatic slide gate opener that is capable of moving sliding gates weighing up to 1000-1500 Kg at the fast speed of 7.9 inches per second. The BFT ARES is among the “medium to heavy” capable weight range, making it perfect for commercial or light industrial use.

Control Panel HQSC-D (included)
Reversible/Irreversible Operator Irreversible
Power Supply 24v
Absorbed Power  
Thermal Protection Integrated in the control unit
Leaf Speed 9 ips (9 m/min)
Output Rotational Speed 39 rpm
Pinion Pitch 4 mm (25 teeth)
Impact Reaction Electronic torque limiter
Limit Switches Electromechanical
Manual Release Mechanical release with knob
Operating Cycle Intensive use
Environmental Conditions From 5°F (-15°C) to 140°F (+60°C)
Degree of Protection IP24
Operator Weight 20 Kg
Fuse Value (QSC Board Transformer) 63A T
Fuse Value (QSC Board Logic Unit) 2AT