Its a heavy-duty electro-mechanical barrier, meant for control of vehicle traffic flow. It is the most rapid and efficient method of managing access in residential, commercial and industrial car park. Many features have been incorporated to provide a safe, reliable and easily operated system for outdoor as well as indoor use.

Salient Features :

  • Heavy-duty design for 24 hours continuous application.
  • Barrier Arm rotation is 90º from either 0º or 180º.
  • Selectable Auto close function with instant or delay closing.
  • Adjustable Low speed for Cushioning effect.
  • Open, Close and Open/Stop/Close functions.
  • Interface able with Proximity card and Loop detector application.
  • Manually operation through clutch release key.
  • Weather resistant coating against hostile environments.
  • Easy availability of spare parts and accessories.
  • Barrier arm available in variable lengths.


Technical Data:

  • Input Power Supply 230VAC, 50 Hz.
  • Motor rated power120W 24VDC.
  • Motor current drain5 AMP.
  • Rotating duration(90º) 2 – 8 seconds..
  • 10,000 cycles per 24 hours (open and close).
  • Barrier arm available in variable lengths.
  • Safety mechanical clutch device.
  • Shaft torque 22Nm.
  • Availability of battery backup.
  • Operating temperature -20ºC to 70ºC with grease.
  • Package weight 55 kg, Package dimensions 340mm X 275mm X 1080mm.